About This Gardening Girl

Who knew that when I started learning to live on my 2 1/2 acres almost 20 years ago that my lifestyle would become…dare I say it…popular?

As an executive at a multinational corporation, I was literally laughed at whenever one of my peers found out about my hobbies. I was odd man out, you see.

I hated golf.  I really couldn’t stand the pretensions of the “oenophiles” I was forced to travel with.  And I really loathed back stabbing, expense account dinners where the targets of the next round of lay offs were discussed as we plowed through enough wine and food to keep at least one of the “peasants” gainfully employed for 3 months.

What kept me sane (and still does) was coming home to my garden, playing in the rich, warm soil and raising my own fruits and vegetables.  I own chickens and if my husband ever loosens up a bit, will have a goat or two in the back yard, as well.

And every day, I give thanks for being able to live as I do, in harmony with the natural world.


6 responses to “About This Gardening Girl

  1. Hello my dear! Thank you for all your encouragement and lovely conversation. I’ve nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award! http://slowfoodsmama.com/2012/07/19/how-lovely/

    • Thank you so much Stacey. I appreciate the nomination but I think I appreciate your kind words even more. I enjoy your company on this ride we are taking. Thanks for being out there!

  2. What a great decision (and a brave one too) you made 20 years ago. I look forward to following your blog!

  3. Hello, my name is Daniel. if you ever want to trade some plant material please let me know. I’m always looking for new varieties of fruiting plants. I have both plants and cuttings of many different plants. please email me at ediblelandscaping.sc@gmail.com I’d love to talk more.

    • I have been to edible landscaping and I LOVED your place. Your plants are phenomenal and your nursery, more like an orchard, is just so full of beautiful plants and bushes.

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