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Awesome organic weed killer from TastyLandscape

I have been using the vinegar as weed killer trick for years now.  I started when I found poison ivy on our property.  I am highly allergic to the oil on this plant and can’t even touch something that touched poison ivy without getting it.

So I used vinegar.  Dr. Osborne recommends adding dish soap to vinegar to kill some plants that have waxy leaves.  I find that if I add a nice cup of kosher sale to a gallon of cider or white vinegar, stir until dissolved and pour it on the poison ivy, it doesn’t stand a chance.

Weeds don’t either.

The good doctor does note that vinegar doesn’t discriminate – it kills anything.  So be careful how your pour or spray.  Other plants will go down with the weeds.

And using this common household product ensures that you are not poisoning the water for you or for your neighbors (think wells, water table and where Round Up goes once it leaves the sprayer).

I love this post and am so glad that Dr. Osborne shared his secret.

Awesome organic weed killer | TastyLandscapeTastyLandscape.

via Awesome organic weed killer | TastyLandscapeTastyLandscape.


Don’t Forget About Fall! Seed Now for Autumn Abundance

High Mowing Organic Seed’s post this week is just in time for those of us who live in zones with mid-October frost dates!

And I love how clearly this group describes the fall crops you can plant – carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, beets – and how to get a handle on when you should sew seeds to reap these beautiful crops in the fall.

The cover of my new book  published on Kindle in June.

The cover of my new book published on Kindle in June.

Enjoy their wonderful, well-written advice while I finish up with BookNook — the company formatting my Kindle book – Grow So Easy; Organic Gardening for the Rest of Us.  Should be online within a week!

Don’t Forget About Fall! Seeding Now for Autumn Abundance | High Mowing Organic Seeds’ Blog – The Seed Hopper.


Organic Gardening from Plantastic! | TED Playlists | TED

Like organic gardening?  Love growing your own food?

Then you will LOVE this playlist of TED talks all about gardening and growing and changing our planet.

I didn’t think TED could get any better but they did.  They started putting together playlists of talks on one topic – in this case Plantastic! is all about planting and growing.

The opening talk is about a guy who took on Los Angeles and won the right to plant food, real food for himself and his neighbors on land that no one wanted, no one cared about.

There is a talk about storing seeds, one about growing your own clothing and one about how to be a weekday vegetarian.

Go and watch and enjoy my gardening friends.

Plantastic! | TED Playlists | TED.