Garden Mulch – FAQs from Margaret Roach

Margaret Roach does it again!

And while I am working on my organic gardening manuscript….
I thought I would share links and articles from some of my most favorite organic gardeners.

This article is really an in-depth FAQ on mulch.  What really constitutes mulch?  How much should I use?  When do I mulch?

Got mulch questions?  Ms. Roach has the answers.

garden mulch: how to mulch, and what to use — A Way to Garden.


2 responses to “Garden Mulch – FAQs from Margaret Roach

  1. Makes me think of the line…all things old are new again. If you look hard enough today’s latest fad is usually a recycled idea from the past and/or just plain common sense! Thanks for recycling.

  2. Always into recycling….and yes everything old is new again (except for me) but that’s what makes gardening in the age of social media so very much fun. A whole new generation from around the world is getting a chance to learn from people like Ruth Stout, Lee Reichs, Jim Crockett and…even you and me. Happy Easter!!

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