COLD Air in the Mid-Atlantic & My Garden is Shivering!

Holy cats! It’s so cold here that the heat came on last night!  Temps dropped into the low 40’s and the wind has been keeping up a constant dialogue, sweeping across my recently planted veggie babies at speeds between 15 and 20 MPH with gusts into the 30 MPH range.

Organic blueberries and zuchetta

Zuchetta share space with blueberry bushes.

All of my warm weather plants are speed dialing their lawyers.

But it is May.  And there always is a bit of back and forth with the weather before everything settles down and the warm nights and warmer days of summer arrive.

I did bank straw up around the peppers, eggplant, zuchetta, summer squash and tomatoes.  And I talked with them a bit about the current conditions and the expected warming trend.

I may lose some of my plants.  And some of them may just slow down their growth but, by and large, most of them will be okay.  And so it goes in the beautiful but not always predictable world of growing your own organic produce.

How are your newly planted gardens faring?


9 responses to “COLD Air in the Mid-Atlantic & My Garden is Shivering!

  1. Here in New England , temps dropped 30 degrees in one day and last night were frost warnings. Oddly, we haven’t had rain in weeks.. So unusual for this time of year. Good luck with all those seed babies!

  2. Safar Fiertze

    I’m in the north of England, where everything appears a month later than most books tell us they should. Our weather has been erratic. As my mother said, “never cast a clout until May is out”, I’m almost keeping her advice, as I’ve kept all my seedlings undercover, with the exception of nasturtiums. To avoid root strangulation, they will need to be planted out this weekend I think. I like the talking encouragement while you were tucking them in!

    • Love your Mom’s saying….I have found that oral wisdom relative to gardening works. Uncover onions and garlic when forsythia bloom. Plant beans when lilac is in full bloom. Those sayings have been handed down in our family for 2 generations and we’re going for a 3rd. And they are true.

      • Safar Fiertze

        Haven’t heard those! I’ve always felt that stories are important, I now feel guilty for all the previous times I’ve dismissed those ‘old wives’ tales’! My be good to create a compendium of sayings to pass on!

      • patsquared2

        I stuck everything I have learned in 40+ years of digging in dirt in my e-book of the same name – Grow So Easy; Organic Gardening for the Rest of Us. I started writing it for a young woman who wanted to buy our house and wanted to garden but didn’t know a thing. The house deal fell through but I had so much fun writing about growing and gardening, I kept the book project going until it was ready for publication.

  3. “Speed dialing their lawyers” 😁😁

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