Water Saving Tips From EarthEasy

I tend to save water all year round and as much as possible.

But the heat waves of July and August and the temperatures in the high 90’s just remind us all that water conservation should be an integral part of our gardening regimen and, frankly, our lives.

This month, my favorite newsletter includes an article that is just packed with water saving tips and I wanted to share it with you.

Most gardeners know how to water during a hot spell or a drought — soaker hoses, gray water and conservatively.  But some of the products Eartheasy recommends, especially the ones for cutting down the gallons of water we literally flush away, were new to me and are now on my shopping list.  I want

Save water by flushing less.

Practically plugs in & reduces water waste.

to try the conversion kit installed in the toilet tank, which saves thousands of gallons of water a year.

Eartheasy’s newsletter is one of my favorites for a whole lot of reasons but it’s articles like this one that ensure I will keep opening and reading their monthly online tips.

Hope you enjoy this article and Eartheasy’s newsletter as much as I do!  And hope you stay cool during the dog days.


3 responses to “Water Saving Tips From EarthEasy

    • Thank you! I started writing down my organic gardening knowledge for a young woman who was going to buy our house and wanted to learn. The sale fell through but once I started putting words to paper, I couldn’t stop. I had such fun writing that I put it in a small, Kindle book of the same name – Grow So Easy: Organic Gardening for the Rest of Us. I wanted people to know that organic gardening is actually easier than chemical warfare in the back yard! So I am very glad you like my writing. Please feel free to share my posts as you see fit! Spread the gardening word!!

      • That is an amazing story! It seems that is exactly what you were meant to do! Organic gardening and spreading the word about it. It is so very important!! I look forward to more posts from you. Keep up the great work!:)

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