Saturday Night at the Strathcona Community Garden | kalegrower

Gardening inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes but here’s one I hadn’t thought of…a community garden.

Community gardens are gifts.

Gardening is good for body and soul.

I know they are big in England and there are some here in the United States but I’ve never seen one, visited one or lived near one.

Blogger Chrystal’s post on the Strathcona Community Garden shows how peaceful and beautiful these places can be.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, this verdant community garden opened my eyes to the joys of so-called “city farming” — places to grow food and friendships.

Do you participate in a community garden?  Live near one?  Please share your thoughts on this growing trend of shared space and shared gardens..

Saturday Night at the Strathcona Community Garden | kalegrower.


11 responses to “Saturday Night at the Strathcona Community Garden | kalegrower

  1. tons of community gardens here in Calgary …more every year 🙂

  2. I agree with your perception that they are peaceful and beautiful places. I also like their multiple functions – improved mental well-being for those who become involved, food for a community, improved environment, improved soils, education for the future and community empowerment.

    • Thanks for those lovely additions…sometimes I forget the power that fingers in dirt can have!

      • Safar Fiertze

        Hi Pat,
        I came across this yesterday, but didn’t get to watch it until just now. This guy brought me to tears in his sharing of how he’s using gardening to empower a food impoverished community:

        I hope you like his story.

      • I loved this guy’s talk! Happy you shared it with us.

      • Safar Fiertze

        I’ve just watched another amazing community gardening story. Want the link?

  3. Ontario is full of them. Such a great idea, isn’t it?

    • Yes ma’am! Looked here in my area and only one the next county over….and the web site hasn’t been updated in a couple of years.

  4. Pat! Thanks for mentioning my blog post. Vancouver has many community garden spaces popping up, but Strathacona is one of the largest and long-standing.

    I love the TED talk. “Gangsta Gardeners”. Truly inspirational….I need to share it.
    Happy gardening!

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