A Must Read Before Ordering Your Seeds!

It is the time of year I love and hate – December.
December means not much of anything is growing in my garden. I hate that.
December means seed catalogs arriving in my mail box daily. I LOVE that.

My garden is resting up for 2016.

All the plants are gone & the soil is waiting for 2016.

But before buying any seeds from catalogs or companies I have not used in the past, I like to check their provenance i.e. are they selling organic seed?

This year, courtesy of a blogger named Wolf and posted to a site named 12160 (the shortwave radio frequency for alternative broadcasters, apparently) I found a comprehensive list of seed companies owned by or selling Monsanto products.

If you read my “stuff” or know me, Monsanto is a big No-No for me.  I will not support a company that feels poisoning the earth, water and air and genetically modifying seed and food products is okay.  I will do without rather than give them on thin dime.

So, don’t be fooled.  Before you buy any seeds this year, consult 12160’s list of the bad and the good. Vote with your wallet.  Vote for clean air, clean water and healthy, organic food.

Buy organic seeds.




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