Pest Control in the Dead of Winter

January is this gardener’s season of doldrums. It’s too early to start seeds indoors. It’s too cold to go out and work the soil and start garden prep. Most of the time, mornings and late afternoons are too dark to do anything outside.

So, when I discovered Eartheasy’s post about where bugs go in winter, I had to

Pests & beneficials sleep through the winter.

Sleeping garden and sleeping bugs!

read it and share it because it gave me some insight into my repeat offenders — Colorado Potato Beetles, Mexican Bean Beetles and Asparagus Beetles to name a few.

All 3 of these marauders are in my dreaded Top Ten most wanted bugs list. I came up with some interesting “weapons of mass destruction” to handle my top 10 (including grandsons and rocks) but I really hadn’t thought about just how many habitats I provided for these green raiders.

All 3 come back every summer to visit along with relatives and friends.  My fault, I fear.  I provide the best winter habitat these renegades can think of.

Eartheasy offers some tips for insect control – I do most of them already.  But it also points out that beneficials overwinter near our gardens, too, so even though it’s 22 degrees out, even though Japanese beetles ate all of my Chinese cabbage,

Japanese Beetles in garden

Japanese beetles turned this cabbage into a skeleton.

green beans, blackberries and apples last summer, I can’t go on a killing spree without killing the good guys too.

All is not lost, though.  There are some helpful and easy tips to encourage the good bugs and discourage the bad, so, on this cold January morning, I give my organic gardening friends something to consider when considering pest control.

Happy New Year!


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