Spring? Where Did You Go??

Lettuce cut for salad

Hacked off lettuce.

I know I always start my seeds too early. But never before have I actually had to eat the lettuce I was growing in my 40 cell seed starter.

It feels very cannabalistic. But I had to. The lettuce was 6 inches high and growing fast!

I confess, it was quite tasty. And I confess to adding liquid fertilizer to the grow tray after the slaughter. Why not? Hydroponic gardeners do that, right?

Lettuce waiting to be cut.

Lettuce watching me.

But the remains are sitting on the desk, in front of the big window, watching me. It’s really, really weird.   Now it’s all hacked off. And it’s all my fault.

This year, like every year, I started lettuce and beets in the basement in early February. The plan was to put the healthy transplants in the ground in early March.

The plan was thwarted by 6 inches of snow, followed closely by 2 inches of pure ice and topped off with another 4 inches of snow. It fell almost 2 weeks ago but still, it lingers.

Tomato babies ready for transplant.

Tomatoes ready for bigger pots.

I usually gauge transplant time pretty well. I guess weather forecasters aren’t the only ones being thrown off by the moving jet stream and the heating planet. Nonetheless, tomato babies and seedling peppers are up in the basement nursery, too.

Here’s hoping I get the start of Summer a bit better than I did Spring!  Happy gardening everyone!



7 responses to “Spring? Where Did You Go??

  1. Your tomato seedlings look great. Shame about the ice and snow getting in the way of planting the lettuce!

    • Tomatoes go into 3″ peat pots tomorrow. I have WAY too many babies but I think I can share them with some friends and relatives. I always overplant, too.

      • Well, you just don’t know how many seeds are going to germinate, do you? I’m sure your friends and relatives will appreciate a tomato plant or two.

  2. My beets and lettuce are doing well also though not big enough to eat.

    • Hope you are interested in some tomato plants! I will have spares, especially of the Fox cherry tomato – makes great sauce, salads, salsa….

  3. Thanks for the inspiration Pat! Planted my seeds two days ago….

    • Well done! I transplanted the tomato seedlings to 3″ peat pots, will be transplanting my peppers to 3″ pots tomorrow probably (supposed to rain) and I started eggplant, borage and bee flowers earlier this week. Once these guys are done, I only have zucchini, cukes and squash to start…love all the stuff that is growing in my basement!

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