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Sustainable Living Advocates Offer Information & Hope

If you have ever felt alone in your quest to grow your own food, shrink your carbon footprint, learn new ways to help yourself, your family and your community be healthy and happy, watch this free series of videos from Nathan Crane.

Crane traveled with his wife and daughter, met with an eclectic group of people who aren’t just talking about sustainability; they are living it.  There are, “…49 Concerned Citizens, Environmentally Conscious Educators, International Authors, Green Business Owners, School Teachers, Hip-Hop Artists, and Politicians…” who participated in this 12 part series.

These are my people. They make me smile. The give me hope.  They let me know that I am not alone; you are not alone.  We are out there and each of us is making a difference.

Watch and hear their thoughts and feelings about our current state and get ideas for how each of us can make changes.  Small changes can become big, very quickly as those of you who are fighting Monsanto know.

I don’t know what will happen to this series after its web debut – each episode is only available for 24 hours after posting so watch and learn, be heartened, be part of the change that might help save the planet.

Source: Watch The Search for Sustainability Documentary Series FREE! — The Self Reliance Summit