Organic Gardening from Plantastic! | TED Playlists | TED

Like organic gardening?  Love growing your own food?

Then you will LOVE this playlist of TED talks all about gardening and growing and changing our planet.

I didn’t think TED could get any better but they did.  They started putting together playlists of talks on one topic – in this case Plantastic! is all about planting and growing.

The opening talk is about a guy who took on Los Angeles and won the right to plant food, real food for himself and his neighbors on land that no one wanted, no one cared about.

There is a talk about storing seeds, one about growing your own clothing and one about how to be a weekday vegetarian.

Go and watch and enjoy my gardening friends.

Plantastic! | TED Playlists | TED.



6 responses to “Organic Gardening from Plantastic! | TED Playlists | TED

  1. Wow! Ron has a lot of wisdom. I have been fighting for 2 years to get greywater use legalized in my state, we came close this year but big bureaucracies such as the water authority and the health district successfully lobbied to get the bill amended to the point it actually bans the practice! Now I find myself having to back to the same people I asked to support the bill and beg them to kill it. But after listening to Ron’s talk I wonder where do we go once it gets legalized? I take a bit of pride in being a GreyWater Guerrilla. Thank you for the introduction.

    • Our county bans gray water use, too and we are all well water users! But I would challenge them to come in and catch me saving water from the kitchen sink or the bathroom basin or shower. I haven’t been able to hook up my washer but I got a very low water usage washer because of that. So take a page from Ron, find a journalist who is a crusader and go and get em grey water guerrilla!! This is our land, our country and our right to live in it the way we want to as long as we are doing no harm. And I think the Round UP crowd does so much more harm than you and I ever could.

  2. Thanks for the link – i had no idea that the Plantasatic Playlist existed!

    • Me either and I’ve been a TED subscriber for years. Now all I have to do is figure out how to download to my iPod!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this list. Awesome videos!

    • I love and have been a subscriber for years….every since Jill Bolte Taylor did her talk on her stroke. But this is just the best! Talks on plants!! How could I resist. Glad you liked them. Here’s to more sharing in the future.

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