Organic Oasis in North Carolina –

Robin Emmons is living the very life I wish I could lead!

This young, energetic and extraordinary woman is growing thousands of pounds of organic produce and fruit and making it available to people who live in cities and far from fresh, healthy food.

With the help of a slew of volunteers, Robin converted 9 acres, including her own back yard, into organic gardens and orchards.  Since 2008, she and her team have grown, shared or sold close to 30,000 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Now she is up for the CNN Hero of 2013.  I voted for her.  Read her story and see what you think.  She is one of the good guys who deserves the cash that would go along with winning this honor.

And she’s one of us – organic gardeners who are helping to save the planet one plant at a time.

Creating an oasis in a Southern food desert –



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