How To Grow Onion From Seed

Growing onions is easy.

My onions enjoy raised bed living.

I love growing onions. I have only grown them from seed, once and I sowed them outdoors. That is another story!

This year, I am starting onions from seed, indoors, and I wanted to share two of the resources I am using to help me in this new adventure.

Barbara Pleasant’s Top Ten Tips for Growing Onions from Seed is a spectacular resource. Pleasant is a well-known author who contributes to publications like Mother Earth News and The Herb Companion.  

She is also the US-based contributor to a site and company called GrowVeg, which provides innovative garden planning apps for Mac, PC, iPad & iPhone.

This woman knows her beans…or her onions.  Anyway she is a top-notch gardener and her “how to” article on starting onions from seed is one of the best I have read. IMG_2464

Sprouting onions from seed

Onion seed sprouted quickly.

My second source should be familiar to a lot of you – it’s High Mowing Organic Seeds.

They are sharing their tips and tools for starting onions indoors. Part 1 covers location, light, temperature, soil and containers then shares the best way to get the seeds into the soil and get them started.

If you want to start onions from seed this year, I cannot recommend any better places to start than GrowVeg’s Barbara Pleasant and High Mowing Seeds Seed Hopper Blog!

Spring is coming! And the game is afoot!!


3 responses to “How To Grow Onion From Seed

  1. Hi Pat! Keep us posted with photos…

    • Good idea! I never remember until it’s too late so, today, I will head to my basement “laboratory” and take some snaps! Happy growing Chrystal!

  2. Another great article about onions…figure if I am going to raise them, I should know how to prepare and eat them. Learn something new every day.

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