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A School Garden & The Green Bronx Machine

Schools should be places where kids just don’t learn to repeat back answers for standardized tests.  They should be places where kids grow, are exposed to new and different things and actually want to be in the classroom and involved.

As a long time, organic gardener, I know, anecdotally, that showing kids how to grow their own food, sharing time and knowledge with them, and letting them get their hands dirty, literally, make them excited about learning.

Now a school, a teacher and a group of students are proving that my theory is correct.

The school is in South Bronx; the teacher is Stephen Ritz.  And his students  at PS 55 have grown more than 30,000 pounds of produce in vertical aeroponic growing systems called Tower Garden.

All gardeners know that there is so much you can learn just by digging in dirt.  Now hundreds of students are learning and growing in the heart of one of the biggest cities in the country.  It’s a beautiful story and one I had to share.

A School Garden Born in a Food Desert May Change the Way Kids Eat—and Learn | TakePart.