When Gardens Go Bad

I went on a family vacation.  My garden was still producing but not a whole lot.  So, I didn’t expect much.

I was in for a surprise!  While I was away, my cucumbers decided to play!  There were 5 cukes that were 14 inches long and almost 3 inches in diameter.  Really, look at the size of them — dwarfing my 5 quart mixer and towering over my salt and pepper grinders!

Big, sweet cucumbers.

My cukes grew huge while I was on vaca.

When I cut into them, I expected dry centers and mealy flesh but these were oh so sweet!     I couldn’t believe it!  One cucumber was enough for dinner for two adults.

But the cukes weren’t the only veggies to go berserk!

My pole beans grew up and over the 8 foot fence section I put in place for them.  And then they kept on growing.

I didn’t have pole beans; I had a green bean jungle!

Pole beans growing and growing.

The pole beans created a green bean jungle.

I could not believe how dense the growth was.  The vines twisted, turned and knotted themselves together to form a mat of green bean greenery that could not be penetrated!

It’s mid-September in Pennsylvania and I am madly picking green beans, roasting them,

Rampaging pole beans overrun my fence.

Pole beans gone wild.

making them into green bean slaw and eating them raw.

I love green beans but I already have 32 quarts canned and in the pantry.  And I think if another green bean hits my husband’s plate, he may just divorce me!

And I’m still picking cucumbers!  What a whacky gardening year this has been.

Anyone interested in learning more about organic gardening?  My book — Grow So Easy; Organic Gardening for the Rest of Us is available on Kindle!  I’ve gotten some good reviews and would love to know what you folks think!


7 responses to “When Gardens Go Bad

  1. Wow! Lucky you! It does sound like you are being overrun with beans, though. It’s cooling down a bit here, and my yard long beans are producing better again. They’ve lasted all summer- unlike the regular types of bush or pole beans here. I eat them while I’m out in the garden!

    • Where did you get the seeds for your yard long beans? Although, considering the billions of 8 inch beans I have right now….not sure why I’m asking! But, can you share?

    • Got any good recipes? I’m maxing out at roasted, canned, raw and poached with white wine, borghese tomatoes and butter. The imagination fails me.

  2. Great post Pat – I love how nature keeps working even when we are on vacation. 🙂

  3. Hi Pat,
    I don’t know if I am commenting twice (I am technically challenged here) but, loved the post. Great that your garden was working when you weren’t. My family is also raising objections about beans and kale. Have a great weekend Chrystal

    • Hey, nev er thought of it that way — my garden working while I’m not! Thanks for the insight. Glad you are enjoying your organic rewards for your hard work!

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