2018 Garden is In – But Oy The Weather…

2018 Garden enjoying sun

2018 garden enjoying sun

So, my garden is now, totally in the ground.

This year I planted garlic, onions, lettuce, beets, spinach, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers (still considering zucchini), green beans, asparagus, of course and herbs like basil and Italian parsley.

I finished putting the last Bianca Rosa in the ground Saturday morning.

Bianca Rosa eggplant

Baby Bianca Rosa eggplant

Saturday evening, we got 70 MPH winds, driving hail and torrential rain with a side order of thunder and lightning and the threat of a tornado!

The baby eggplant survived…and seem to be settling in to their truck bed.

But I live outside of Philadelphia…in Pennsylvania! We don’t get tornadoes. Oh, wait, we do now courtesy of the non-existent global warming and the ever increasing turbulence of our weather and of the very earth itself.

It has rained every day since last Tuesday. It is going to rain again tonight. In fact, we are under a flood watch from 4PM today to 2AM tomorrow morning. We might get a day or two of clearing, then all that rain that is currently drowning Floridians will be…here.

Tomato plants hanging on to their trellis

Tomato plants hanging on, literally

Even my tomatoes have toughed it out…although they are looking just a bit “wan.”

As with every year, there are, of course challenges – bugs…rabbits, deer. But this year, it seems that Mother Earth is setting about re-balancing her planet – with or without us.

But there will be vegetables and fruit in my backyard this summer. Most of these plants will survive. And so will I.  I will keep on gardening, keep growing.

My garden will grow

My garden will grow

And I will keep praying that we, the humans who inhabit this planet, slow down a bit, become more aware of the risk and start backpedaling from taking, using, devouring and otherwise destroying this magnificent home on which live and orbit the universe.


14 responses to “2018 Garden is In – But Oy The Weather…

  1. Kathleen Kowalenko

    Very well put. I look forward to seeing your beautiful garden

  2. Your garden looks great!

  3. We do not get tornadoes either, but there was one in Sunnyvale in the late 1990s, just a few blocks from where there was a more serious tornado decades earlier. It is odd that the two tornadoes in recorded history happened to be in the same town.

    • I’m guessing tornadoes are in our future as the weather and the planet respond to our abuse….but I will soldier on. Can’t imagine a world in which I didn’t try to grow things!

      • Tornadoes could get less common.

      • In Kansas…sorry couldn’t resist. I’m not sure they will diminish. The violence of the weather on the East coast is rising. Last week we had 70MPH winds and hail hammering the front of our house. Two days later, more hail…and it’s been raining here for 2 weeks now. We only had one day off for a bit of sun and that ended with thunder, lightening and…hail. Just worrying which seems to be my Olympic sport!

      • Climate is constantly changing; and in some regions, it gets milder. Erosion on the exterior of the Great Sphinx in Egypt indicates that the climate there had been stormier when the Great Sphinx was constructed only a few thousand yeas ago. Tree rings of old trees all over the world demonstrate how common climate change is. Even french impressionism illustrates how different and stormier the climates of Paris, France and other regions of Europe were not much more than a century ago. If glaciers are receding because of milder weather in some regions, it only seems fair that the weather should get more severe in other regions.

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