July Garden Update!

Today, I will write with pictures, not words. So here is the pictorial update on my garden…and how it’s growing.

Despite cool nights (high 50’s and low 60’s, still), there are wonderful things are happening in my backyard.

Onions in May

Onions in May

Onions ready for harvest

Onions ready for harvest


Asparagus crowns need trenches

Asparagus trenches-April

Asparagus Growing-July

Asparagus Growing-July

Bianca Rosa Eggplant-July

Bianca Rosa Eggplant-July

Bianca Rosa Eggplant

Bianca Rosa Eggplant-June

Tiffen Mennonite Tomato

Consueleto tomato-June

Consueleto Genovese ripens

Ripening Consueleto-July

7 responses to “July Garden Update!

  1. theuniversalgardener

    Interesting tomato shapes. How do they taste.

    • I haven’t had a Genovese ripen…yet. I have tasted the Atomic Grape tomatoes and sadly, although the flavor is good the texture is awful! It’s like eating mashed tomoatoes… I won’t grow them again.

  2. I’m glad you’ve got asparagus!

    • I do…or did. Past season right now but the old bed is ferned and the new bed is just putting up its baby ferns. I also have asparagus beetles and larvae…which I am crushing with my fingers every morning and every evening. There is a certain satisfaction in their destruction!

  3. How nice that you can grow asparagus. I have not tried it for years. It takes too much work for me in this area.

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